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Yora, the worlds most sustainable dog food

Riverside Vets are now stocking Yora dog food! Yora is the world’s most ethical and sustainable pet food. Healthy and ideal for dogs with allergies due to its hypoallergenic insect protein. Find out more about Yora here: https://www.riversidevetsbenfleet.co.uk/yora-sustainable-dog-food/

Posted by Riverside Vets Benfleet on Wednesday, 11 November 2020

The world’s most sustainable dog food

Yora is the world’s most sustainable pet food. Made using insect protein it is widely consdiered to be the best alternative to traditional meat with the British Veterinary Association saying, “it’s a fantastic opportunity for pet food diets,’ and that, ‘there’s a really exciting future for the use of insect protein.’

Developed by a team of expert entomologists and nutritionists over a 5 year period. Yora uses only Hermetia illucen (The Black Soldier Fly) larvae, or grubs as they’re known, as it’s protein source. They’re great for pet owners looking to reduce their environmental pawprint. With insects producing up to 95% less impact on the environment than meat based diets (14% of farm animals go into the production of dog food). Yora incorporates three main environmental benefits; reduced land use, water consumption and carbon emissions.

For a medium sized dog (15kg), YORA would save around 8.8 tonnes of CO2 during your pet’s lifetime.

What does that mean?

It’s the equivalent of driving an average petrol car 21,880 miles, that’s nearly the length of the equator!

Or 35,630 air miles. That’s equivalent to taking 40 flights from London to Rome.

Yora saves enough CO2 to heat the average UK home for 3.8 years.

And Yora would save the same amount of carbon that’s absorbed by 1,498 trees every year.

Data independently sourced from carbonfootprint.com 2020

Sustainable pet food produced in Britain

Yora Pet Foods is a Brighton based company and the whole range is made in Britain.

The ingredients are ethically sourced. The Black Soldier fly larvae are supplied by, Protix, in the Netherlands, who run an ultra-high tech, vertical farming system that gives back to the environment.

The Insects are fed on vegetable waste which would otherwise go to landfill. They also produce an excellent fertiliser as a waste product which helps farmers to grow more crops.

The grubs have an incredible conversion rate of protein to growth. With just a teaspoon of eggs Yora can collect 100kg of protein in just 14 days. There is no need to assist their development with hormones or growth promotants , which is common in commercial agriculture. Also, Yora’s grubs are disease free, so there is no need to use antibiotics. This removes the problem of antibiotic resistance and also antibiotic mediated damage to your pet’s normal gut flora. In normal diets, hormones and antibiotics can be passed on through ingestion of meat which can affect your pet’s development. The removal of these contaminants means they are getting an all-natural product.

Nutritionally, insects provide an easily digestible protein source, the grubs are proven to be even gentler on the stomach than chicken which means that pet owners can expect better digestion for their pets. The naturally hypoallergenic formula is gluten free and uses a combination of oats, potatoes and natural botanicals to compliment it’s 40% insect base. Most normal single source diets only contain 26% of a single protein. So they are not really, ‘Single source.’ Using a truely novel protein means there’s no need to hydrolyse any of the ingredients to make it, ‘Hypoallergenic.’

But the most important thing, according to Spike, is it really is tasty. 🙂


The Yora Pet Food range includes:
  • Puppy
  • Small Breed
  • Large Breed
  • All Breeds
  • Light / Senior
  • Natural Treats

Yora Insect Protein Natural Dog Treats

Yora has recently released an insect protein treat range. These treats are an ideal way to try out insect based pet food. All wrapped in compostable packaging, which is a great for eco-conscious consumers. Very simple protein recipes make these treats a good alternative for pets with sensitive stomachs and allergies.


The Yora treat range includes:

Dreamers: Hypoallergenic, single source insect based protein, enriched with chamomile, valerian root and lemon balm. They are hand baked, unique star and moon shaped bedtime biscuits combined with natural botanicals to calm and soothe dogs; perfect for this celebratory (noisy) time of year.

Rewards: A grain free Protein Bar with 50% insect protein, carrot and apple. This Bar is the ideal treat whilst on the go, its rich taste entices even fussy eaters. The resealable bags also make them easy to use when owners are out and about.

Try the world's most sustainable pet food & treats.

Yora is now available to purchase in reception. Pick some up at your next appointment, or call 01268 755801 to order for collection!

Try the world's most sustainable pet food & treats.

Yora is now available to purchase in reception. Pick some up at your next appointment, or call 01268 755801 to order for collection!