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Struggling to think of a perfect present for your pet cat or dog?

We know how important healthy teeth and gums are to a pet’s overall health.

Not many people realise that Gum disease and bad teeth can lead to:

  • Heart disease
  • Organ damage
  • Sepsis
  • Bone damage
  • Pain and sensitivity

Small clumps of bacteria can become dislodged from the gums and float around in the bloodstream, finally settling in places like the heart valves or in organs like the brain, liver and kidneys. The bacteria can start to multiply and lead to blood infections (sepsis) causing serious illness that can be difficult to treat. 

Damage to tooth roots weaken the surrounding bone. This can lead to bone loss and in some cases cause the jaw to fracture.

Just as in people, bacteria in the mouth produce acids causing the tooth to crumble and develop holes.  These holes, or cavities, can extend into the centre of the tooth where the nerve is.

All the above changes can lead to pain and sensitivity within the mouth.  Ever had a toothache? Then you’ll know how this feels.

Bad teeth and gum disease has even been linked to Diabetes.

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