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NEW – Veggie Dog Food Has Arrived

Spike has been trying out a new vegetarian dog food called Solo Vegetal – and he loves it.

Solo Vegetal is a complete vegetable based food that can be given in conjunction with meat based diets or used on its own as part of a vegetarian / vegan diet. It is also very useful when meat needs to be avoided, for example if your dog has a food sensitivity or intolerance. It’s also great to use as a treat as it really is tasty. 

What Is In Solo Vegetal?

It contains a unique blend of ingredients including: Spinach, Apple, Tomato, Carrot, Chicory, Alfalfa, Hulled oats, Einkorn wheat, Buckwheat, Spelt, Wheat germ, Evening Primrose and Borage oil. that combine to offer your dog a complete food with all the necessary protein, vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Is It Safe For My Dog To Eat A Vegetable Based Diet?

Oh yes! While it is true that dogs belong to the order Carnivora, like us, they are actually omnivores; this means they can get all the energy, nutrition and protein they need from a plant based diet. This isn’t the case for cats though, they have to eat meat or they will become ill or even die.

What Are Food Sensitivities?

Some dogs may be sensitive to an ingredient in their food and skin problems can be a common symptom of this. Studies show meat, dairy, egg and soya can cause food sensitivities and these are common ingredients in some diets, but are completely absent from Solo Vegetal.

What Are Food Intolerances?

Some dogs are unable to break down certain components in food, typically protein sources from meat. This can lead to poor gut health resulting in symptoms such as diarrhoea and flatulence. 

Can I Feed My Dog Solo Vegetal For Life?

Absolutely! Solo Vegetal can be fed either on its own, or in conjunction with other meat based foods to increase vegetable and fibre in the diet. As well as making up a complete diet, Solo Vegetal’s ingredients also have a number of health benefits for the body, in particular helping to maintain healthy skin and gut function.

How Can I Find Out If My Dog Has a Food Sensitivity Or Food Intolerance?

If you suspect a food sensitivity or intolerance, it is important to try and find out what ingredient or ingredients are causing the problem so they can be removed from the diet. To do this we use an elimination food trial as this is the only way to identify what is causing the problem. Solo Vegetal is perfect for this.

What Is An Elimination Food Trial?

An elimination food trial means your dog is to be fed a new diet which does not include ANY food they have previously come into contact with. This way, we will be able to determine if your dog has a food sensitivity or a food intolerance and find out what ingredient(s) your dog should avoid in future.


We have a few different sized bags in reception now.

Why not give it a try?

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