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Pet Health Care Facilities

Our local vet practice has all the facilities required to provide pet health care to your pets, from pet dentistry to complex pet surgery we are able to treat your pets in safety and comfort.

Riverside Vets Facilities - On Site Laboratory

On Site Laboratory

We perform our own in-house microscopy looking for skin parasites, bladder stones / crystals and also cytology.
Riverside Vets Facilities - On-site Blood Testing

On-site Blood Testing

Our in-house blood analyser can run haematology and biochemistry on dog, cats and rabbits.

Blood tests take about 20 minutes to run. This allows us to check for a range of diseases including: liver, kidney, diabetes, anaemia, some blood clotting disorders.

Riverside Vets Facilities - Digital X-ray

Digital X-Ray

Our digital X-ray imaging system helps us to quickly diagnose; bone, joint and some soft tissue problems and the large HD display helps us to show you too.
Riverside Vets Facilities - Operating Rooms

Two Operating Rooms

Both our operating theatres are equipped with the latest anaesthetic machines using the most up to date and safest anaesthetic agents available.

While every anaesthetic carries some degree of risk our equipment and anaesthesia protocols keeps this to an absolute minimum allowing us to manage a wide range of surgical procedures. Combined with our comfortable and secure recovery facilities you can rest assured your pets are in the safe hands.

Riverside Vets Facilities - Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic Surgery

Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic Surgery

Our dedicated team have experience of performing a wide range of soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery.

Pets need to be starved from the night before their operation (water is OK). We will give you precise information on what time to withhold food. You will be required to sign a consent form to give permission for a general anaesthetic and for the surgery, this is a good time to check we have an up to date mobile number to keep you informed about your pet’s op and their recovery.

Riverside Vets Facilities - Radiosurgery


Radio surgery units operate at a high frequency (4MHz) between 8 to 10 times higher than conventional electrosurgery. Thermal tissue alteration is limited to within 20 microns of the surgical site. That is 100 times less damaging than conventional electrosurgery making it far more precise.

As the probe is using radiowaves rather than an electrical circuit, the antena positioned under the patient remains cold throughout the procedure. Applications include, dental, head, neck and general surgery.

Riverside Vets Facilities - Pet Dentistry

Pet Dentistry

We all know how important it is to look after our own teeth. Pets teeth and gums need just as much attention so they stay healthy and keep their smile.

Plaque builds up on teeth and combines with minerals in saliva to produce calculus, a hard material that needs an ultrasonic descaler to remove it.

Signs of dental disease can include one or more of the following… bad breath (halitosis), dribbling, a reluctance or refusal to eat, red or bleeding gums, dark stained or loose teeth and pawing at the mouth. Ignoring these signs can lead to problems affecting the jaw bone, throat and even diseases in organs like the heart and liver.

Getting your pet checked for dental disease is easy, just contact the surgery and arrange a free check up with one of our nurses.

Riverside Vets Facilities - Air Conditioned Kennels

Air Conditioned Kennels

When they stay with us your pets are kept in clean, disinfected, stainless steel air-conditioned luxury kennels.  We have separate dog and cat rooms to help reduce stress levels.

Our friendly staff are always popping in for a cuddle and to give them extra attention when they need it most.

Riverside Vets Facilities - Dispensary And Prescription Services

Dispensary and Prescriptions

All your pets medication can be supplied by our dispensary.

If you require repeat prescriptions, please call us on 01268 755801 and we’ll fill your prescription by the next day.

If we have to order any medication we can give you a call when it’s ready to collect.

Riverside Vets Facilities - Waiting Room and Reception

Waiting Room and Reception

The waiting room is air conditioned. While waiting for your appointment there’s…

  • Fresh water for thirsty dogs.
  • A set of digital scales to weigh your pet.
  • A chip scanner to make sure your pet’s ID chip is working OK.
  • And our notice notice board with up to date local information for you to to read.

The two local charities we support are: Maggie’s Pet Rescue and Cats Protection.

Riverside Vets Facilities - Pet Health Services - Garden


We have a secure lawned garden at the back of the practice so your pets can stretch their legs and have a quick wee if they need to.
Riverside Vets Facilities - Free Parking

Free Parking

Please park directly outside the front of the practice when you visit.