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Why Choose Whimzees?

Whimzees Brushzees 80% more effective at reducing plaque accumulation on teeth compared to other leading brands of dental chew. Reducing tartar build up and improving breath.

3x longer chew time and 3x longer playtime.

Carefully selected ingredients and patented production process delivers a firmer dental chew.  The longer chew times means there’s more cleaning and it naturally helps to polish your dog’s teeth.

Perfect for daily use….  You brush your teeth daily and so should your dog.


Unique composition

Natural ingredients with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Hypo-allergenic and carefully developed to avoid using ingredients that can cause sensitivities

Vegetarian, does not contain fat or grain (except the Ricebone) and is GMO free. This minimises the risk of upsets stomach due to dietary intolerance.

Common signs of dental disease include bad breath, discoloured teeth and sore gums. Left unchecked, this can lead to heart, liver and kidney problems. By proactively supporting your dog’s teeth you can help lower the risk of dental disease occurring.


Whimzees Dental Sticks available in reception now!

Pop in to pick some up or grab some on your next visit!



Spike says,

‘I thought this was just a chewy toy, turns out it’s yummy and good for my teeth too.’

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