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Weekdays: 8.00am – 6.30pm
Sat & Sun: Closed

WE ARE OPEN, but there are changes to prevent the spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus.

When visiting the practice, we ask that you follow our current guidelines:

💜 Phone before visiting – so we can allocate you a time slot, for your safety.
💜 Wear a face covering when you are inside the practice.
💜 Only ONE owner per animal, and ONE animal per appointment.
💜 The front door is now OPEN, but please check if there’s room before entering reception.
💜 Vaccinations, routine procedures, e.g. nurse claw clips, weighing for wormers etc now available.
💜 Use the cleaning station by the door before and after your visit.

We look forward to seeing you and your pets soon.


Spike marketing executive

Spike says, ”Regular flea and worm treatment is important.’

We realise that this is a worrying time for all our clients.  We ask that you FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS and help us to reduce the risk to visitors and staff at the practice while we continue to care for your pets.

  1. IMPORTANT – If you, or anyone in your immediate family or household are unwell, or showing symptoms that could be attributable to coronavirus (fever, dry cough, sore throat), we respectfully ask you not to visit the practice at this time. If your pet requires urgent assistance, please see if there is someone available who can bring your pet to the surgery, then call to discuss this with us. Similarly, for repeat medications see if someone else can collect it for you. If no one is available, we can post to you. If an item is required urgently a member of staff can deliver to you. If your dog attacks mail packages let us know so we can leave it outside and ring the doorbell.
  2. If you are otherwise well, have no signs AND ARE NOT HIGH RISK, PHONE US BEFORE VISITING and USE HAND GEL BEFORE ENTERING THE PREMISES.  Please announce your arrival at reception.  If the waiting room has ANYONE seated please wait in the car park until you are called. We will be arranging appointments so there is a gap between visitors, this will allow time to wipe down surfaces like door handles, reception area, phone, card machine etc. The disinfectant wipes and sprays we use at the surgery kill Coronavirus in as little as 12 seconds and are safe to use around animals.  We will be using them continuously throughout the day. Please use hand gel after your visit.
We will do our best to continue treating your pets over the coming weeks BUT WE MUST KEEP EVERYONE SAFE.
If possible, we would prefer card payments, this will avoid staff having to handle cash.



17th Sept. 2020 We are pleased to announce we will be opening on Saturday mornings.  Saturday morning surgeries are re-starting again from this weekend (19th September).  We will be open from 9am – 11.30am.

Pet vaccinations

15th June 2020 VACCINATIONS extra day added so now available Tuesdays to Friday.

4th May 2020  VACCINATIONS on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and now also Thursdays… still a phased re-start to vaccination for pets 2-3 months overdue.  Social distancing will still apply so we won’t be able to do large numbers. Please be patient. We will get everyone up to date, but it may take a few weeks / months.  Below is a summary of how this will work.

28th April 2020  VACCINATIONS on Tuesdays and Wednesdays… a phased re-start to vaccination commencing Tuesday 28th April for pets 2-3 months overdue.  Social distancing will still apply so we won’t be able to do large numbers. Please be patient. We will get everyone up to date, but it may take a few weeks / months.  Below is a summary of how this will work.

All pets 2-3 months overdue – phone reception to book a vaccination – only one booster injection will be required.

Dogs with vaccinations which have lapsed 3 – 6 months will require 2 x Lepto injections 4 weeks apart to bring them back up to date .

Cats with vaccinations which have lapsed 3 – 6 months will require 2 x Feline Leukaemia injections, 3 weeks apart.  Cats that have lapsed by 2 or more years will also require 2 x Flu and Enteritis injections, 3 weeks apart, in addition to the Leukaemia ones to bring them back up to date.

Puppies and kittens who have missed a second vaccinations during Lockdown will be able to re-start their injections free of charge.  How good is that? 🙂Pup and kitten cuddle

16th April 2020  BVA asks all animal owners to respect their vets’ professional judgement and be patient during lockdown…  Veterinary teams across the UK are continuing to provide essential care for animals during the Covid-19 lockdown, but they are not back to business as usual. Since the Prime Minister announced the UK-wide lockdown on 23 March, veterinary practices have only been offering urgent and emergency care or undertaking work to maintain the food supply chain. This has had a significant effect on practices who have put staff on furlough and rearranged rotas and teams to significantly reduce human contact in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Many vet practices are operating a closed-door policy and have measures in place to make sure animals can be handed over safely without contact.  Read more

8th April 2020  Update from BVA regarding… CATS…  The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has clarified its position in light of a report on the BBC news website relating to cats and Coronavirus. The headline of the article suggested that veterinary advice was to keep all cats indoors, but the BVA has explained this advice is ONLY in relation to cats in infected households or where people are self-isolating.  Read more

1st April 2020.  Update from the RCVS… CORONAVIRUS ADVICE AND FAQ…  Like everyone else, veterinary practices are seeking to limit the amount of face-to-face contact they have with others in order to comply with government guidance. As the veterinary profession does all it can to maintain animal health and welfare in these extremely challenging circumstances, we ask that you show patience when seeking veterinary care. We appreciate you will be concerned about how the health and welfare of your animal(s) will be maintained at this time, and whilst practices will not be able to provide the level of care you may be used to, please be reassured that veterinary practices throughout the UK are doing their best to ensure veterinary care is provided where essential for animal health and welfare.
In order to assist you, we have sought to address some of the concerns you may have. Please click on the FAQs  Read more

26th March 2020.  Update from the BVA… VACCINATIONS…  it’s important to remember that the current lockdown period is for three weeks and for the vast majority of pet vaccinations it is not urgent for them to be carried out in that time period. Adult boosters can and must be postponed for now. The vast majority of primary vaccinations in puppies, kittens and other naïve animals should also be delayed in order to protect human health in relation to halting the spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus.   Read more

25th March 2020.  Notice from the RCVS… PRESCRIPTIONS… under the current exceptional circumstances we have agreed to temporarily permit the prescribing of veterinary medicines where appropriate and where complying with Government advice leaves no other available options during the COVID-19 emergency. This position will continue to be reviewed on an ongoing basis and, in any event, no later than 30 June 2020.  Under normal circumstances, the RCVS Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Surgeons does not allow veterinary surgeons to prescribe veterinary medicines without a physical examination of the animal(s) having first taken place.

22nd March 2020.  Following advice issued by the BVA… NO ROUTINE CONSULTATIONS… we have been asked to do everything we can to protect human health, particularly those in our community who are most at risk.   We will be cancelling our routine appointments, allowing us to focus on those animals who need our help most, whilst reducing movement of people and possible spread of COVID-19.  If you are not sure if your appointment is essential, please ring the surgery to discuss this with us.  Your pet’s welfare is important to us, but so is the health of everyone in our community.  Read more

We request NO CHILDREN in the practice for the time being.  Thank you.

As the current situation may change we will keep you updated via our Facebook page.