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Lungworm in dogs and foxes.

The lungworm parasite has a complicated life cycle shown in the video above.  There have been over 2700 cases of the infection in the UK (2019).  Fortunately, the infection cannot be spread directly between dogs.  Frogs, snails, and slugs are the source.  Dogs and foxes become infected when they are unfortunate enough to eat one of these infected hosts or lick their slime. Slugs and snails are most active at night so avoid leaving toys and bowls outside during this time.

Signs of lungworm

The signs of lungworm infection are non-specific and can take a long time to develop, sometimes months, during which time they can be mistaken for many other conditions. These include:

Difficulty breathing
Weight loss
Clotting defects leading to…
Excess bleeding from wounds and
Changes in behaviour

Lungworm can be prevented

As lungwom infection can be fatal, preventive treatments are best.

These include:

A monthly spot-on, like Advocate, or alternatively
A specific monthly worming tablet.
Stop dogs from eating slugs and snails
Don’t leave toys and bowls in the garden overnight.

Don’t leave it to chance, contact the surgery and discuss  the best preventative treatment for your dog today.

Spike says,
‘Lungworm can be deadly, prevention is best.’

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