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Dog Toy Dangers – Choosing Dog Toys

When purchasing dog chew toys consider your dog’s size and jaw shape, this will help avoid the risk of them swallowing smaller pieces that may case injury or choking. Pet treats and chews are available in a range of sizes and designs, it’s important to select one appropriate for your pet’s size.  The bigger the dog the larger the toy should be.

Change toys for larger ones as your pet grows. They may be fine for puppies, but unsuitable once fully grown.

Toys become worn and fragile over time and are more likely to break. So check your pet’s toys regularly to make sure they’re still safe to play with. Even indestructible toys can eventually perish and break up.

Different sized dogs living in the same household can cause problems. Make sure all the toys are large enough so the largest dog doesn’t choke. If necessary, separate dogs when playing with certain types of toys or when eating treats. 

Never throw a stick for a dog.

They can run opened mouthed onto the stick stabbing themselves in the back of the mouth or even impale the front of their chest, sometimes with fatal results.  🙁 

Choosing Dog Treats

Raw bones

Softer bones, like chicken wings or turkey necks are easier for small to medium dogs to eat and less likely to cause injury or obstruction.

Large, denser bones, such as beef ribs or knuckle bones, are more difficult to eat and should only be given to large dogs with strong jaw muscles used to eating these types of bone, otherwise there’s a risk tooth fractures, constipation and even injury to their mouth and stomach.

Some cooked bones, like lamb, are more likely to splinter than raw bones. The cooking process makes them brittle and produces spikes. This can potentially increase the risk of injury to the stomach lining, therefore giving cooked bones to dogs is best avoided.

Dogs who bolt their food at mealtimes can be prone to choking and gagging. For these characters purchase a, ‘Puzzle Toy’ to slow them down and encourage more chewing. 

Always supervise dogs with chews, treats and toys!

There is always a potential risk they may  swallow a small piece causing injury or choke.

Ask at reception for a free sample edible dog chew toy made from rice, they’re safe and help keep teeth clean…


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Spike says,
‘Choose your toys and treats with care.’

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